Founder and coach at ilu move


Pascale is passionate about supporting her clients to achieve their personal goals and to push them even a little further. She loves seeing her clients’ physical progress being achieved through regular training.

Expect her enthusiasm and positive vibes to be contagious and her classes to be energetic and challenging. You’ll definitely feel the burn.

When she’s not in the studio she loves being outside in nature with her horse, going for hikes & runs with her rhodesian ridgeback, spinning and skiing.
Pascale discovered pilates after an ankle injury that she obtained while horseback riding. Fascinated by the pilates method and its positive effects on the body & mind in everyday’s life, she left her career as a leading marketing professional in the cosmetics industry behind and completed her BASI® pilates comprehensive teacher training to work as a self-employed pilates instructor. 

In 2020 Pascale decided to pursue her dream of her own contemporary movement studio in Zurich and founded ilu move.

Pascale is constantly educating herself through additional workshops and certifications. She is also a member of Pilatessuisse.

Chat with her in German, English, French and Italian.

Education & additional certificates/workshops:
BASI® Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training (eligible for teaching on the full suite of pilates equipment)
BASI® Mentor (BASI® Pilates Legacy Program)
Barre Eclipse™  Teacher Training with Adrienne Kimberley Rabena
Master of Arts, Business Administration, University of Zurich

Further education in pre- and postnatal pilates, pilates for injuries & pathologies, Aging strong with pilates, pilates for men, HIIT & Sculpt Reformer, pilates for golfers,  etc.

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