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ilu move coach


Dan loves helping and supporting his clients to achieve their personal fitness goals. With his fun, friendly and welcoming personality he will make you feel comfortable in his classes. Good vibes only!

Expect his workouts to be challenging and fun. He will for sure motivate and cheer you to go the extra mile.

Dan grew up in the US involved in sports and fitness, quickly making it a priority in his life. Due to his competitive nature he wanted to learn more about how to use exercise to better physical and mental strength.

He specialized in strentgh training and goal oriented fitness, understanding the science behind working out. He also has extensive experience in athletic reformer pilates, flexibility and mobility training. Dan is also a certified lagree instructor. Since incorporating his knowledge into his body he has lost over 20kg.

When he is not in the studio he likes to spend his time outside working out or taking part in competitive sports. Dan competed with the Swiss National Dragon boat team.

Chat with him in English and some German.

Education & additional certificates/workshops:
BASI® Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training (eligible for teaching on the full suite of pilates equipment)
ACE Personal Trainer Certification
Certified Lagree Instructor
Massage Therapist (in-training)

Further education in athletic reformer pilates, mobility training, weight -bearing activities, etc.